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Black Hawk Down
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Black Hawk Down

By Delta Ops

A Mini-Scenario Designed for Hell Survivor’s



          This is a short mini-scenario were the American forces have a strong technological (especially medical) advantage, but the Somalis have more players and a quicker re-spawn.  Also while the Somalis receive points for eliminating Americans and over-running the Highlands Castle, the Americans only earn points for safely returning.



There shall be two (2) teams; the Americans (Task Force Ranger) and the Somalis (Clan Habr Gidr).  Task Force Ranger will have General Garrision as a leader; Clan Habr Gidr shall have Mohamed Farrah Aidid.  The Somalis shall out number the Americans by 2:1 to 3:1. 

The US forces be made up of organized teams of at with at least ten (10) players pre-registered.  At groups that meet that requirement must fill out an application at www./, and will be notified if selected.  If you team is not selected you will be placed on Clan Habr Gidr.  The Somalis team is for individuals and smaller groups.  Task Force Ranger with be outnumbered 2:1 with the pre-registration numbers.  All walk-ons will be placed on Clan Habr Gidr until the ratio of 3:1 is met, then the US side may be adjusted.


Game Length

          The game shall be 80 minutes. 


Field Set Up

The entire field shall be used.

Starting Bases:

        Task Force Ranger

o       Phase I

        10% of the American forces will start at the Pentagon (the CSAR team); the rest will start at Castle Roc (the target building).  The Alamo will be Highlands Castle.

o       Phase II

        15% of the American forces will start at the Highlands Castle (the CSAR team); the rest will start at Castle Roc (the target building).  The Alamo will be Tippmann Towers.

o       Phase III

        The entire American team will start at Castle Roc (the target building).  The Alamo will be the Sin City tower.

        Clan Habr Gidr

o       All Phases

        The Somalis will start with 1/3 of their players at Archie Bunker, 1/3 at the western field entrance (near the Everglades), and 1/3 at the eastern entrance (the Sin City side).


Objectives and Scoring

          Each team will have one primary and one secondary objective. 

        The Lost Convoy

o       For the Americans, it is initially to reach Archie Bunker (starting from Castle Roc) and raise their flag there.  When this is achieved the American will receive three (3) points for every player still alive with the convoy (the convoy’s referee count is FINAL).  After that the Game Coordinator will inform the Convoy for their next destination.  This is repeated until the last twenty (20) minutes of the game, when then they’ll attempt exit the field.  They will receive ten (10) points for every American that makes it out alive.  If the Convoy is ever completely eliminated, the Game Coordinator will reinsert them anywhere on the field he/she chooses.


        The Alamo

o       For the Somalis it is to over run the Alamo to kill all the wounded.   For Phase I the Alamo will be the Highlands Castle.  Phase II, Tippmann Towers.  Phase III, the Sin City Tower.  Every time it is overrun the Somalis will receive points equal to three (3) points multiplied by the number of total number of American team players. The flag hanging on top of Alamo must be completely lowered for the Somalis earn the points.  If the Alamo falls, it must be reinforced by the Americans after the next reinsertion (or the Somalis will earn the points again) with the Somalis falling back to a distance of 100 feet.  During the last twenty (20) min. of the game, the US forces will attempt to exit the field.  They will receive twenty (10) points for every American that makes it out alive.


        Blackhawk Super Six Four

At sometime between 20-60 min. into the game the game coordinator will have a referee secretly take three American players with a balloon in a box to place on the field he determines.  These three US players shall be noted with red and blue armbands and absolutely cannot communicate with their team in anyway until they are in play, also medics are not allowed among these three.  One of the players will be wounded and cannot walk on his own (but may fire) – he will be marked by an additional green armband.  This can be healed by a medic (only a medic) simply removing the green armband.  Once they are in place the game coordinator will announce a Blackhawk down and the inserting ref will release an orange smoke grenade.  The balloon will represent vital American technology in the helicopter and cannot be moved by either team.  The American will receive one point for each minute they can defend the downed chopper.  In addition, if any of the three downed Americans can make it back to the dead zone alive the US side will receive 20 points each.  If the Somalis capture the box, they will receive one point for each minute they defend it.  Any American, other than the original three inserted with it, can pop the balloon, frag-ing the chopper to deny the Somalis a chance to capture it. 



        The Somalis will “hot” re-insert continuously.

        The Americans will be reinserted either to the Convoy or the Alamo every fifteen (15) min.  The Somalis will receive five (5) points for every American who reinserts.


Special Weapons

          Grenades, mines, grenade launchers, mortars, and smoke are highly encouraged.  In addition to that;

        Rocket Launchers (LAW’s and RPG’s)

                   Rocket Launchers:  All rockets must chronograph under the speed of 230 feet per second.  Every rocket must be approved by the host field prior to the game.  All rockets must have a device for plugging the barrel and must use ONLY two-inch Nerf rounds.  Rockets may only be fired at the obstruction (man made or natural) used as “cover” by the opposing team or player. The point at which the rocket first impacts is the center of the elimination area. ALL players within a 5-foot radius of the impact point will be eliminated. The point of impact of a rocket is where the rocket first struck an object or the ground, not where the rocket came to lie. A rocket that is thrown by hand will have no effect.  Once a rocket is shot it is no longer in play and will be considered “Spent”.  It is prohibited to fire a rocket directly at an “open” opponent. If a rocket is shot directly at a player who has no cover and strikes a spot or structure within five (5) paces of the player, the team shooting the rocket will assessed an “Illegal Device” penalty, and the player who shot the rocket will be eliminated until next re-insertion.

          The following buildings are considered hardened and impervious to RPG/LAW fire.

        Castle Roc

        Highlands Castle

        Tippmann Towers

        West Point

        Sin City Tower

Additionally, all of the buildings in Sin City except the Tower are considered semi-hardened.  They will require TWO (2) RPG/LAW hits within sixty (60) seconds for the players within/around the structure to be eliminated.  Bunkers and buildings are not destroyed (i.e. they remain in play), only players are eliminated.

NOTE: Players using rocket launchers must inform a referee prior to the shot. A referee MUST witness the shot. A designated rocket launcher player may request a referee to follow him for a short time prior to engaging a target.  A referee will remain near the rocket only if it is actively engaging targets.


                   The American team will have three (3) tank missions per game.  Tanks must stay on the roads and is invincible, as per standard HSI rules.  There is no time limit for the tank missions, but they are limited to 6000 rounds of paint per mission.


First Aid and Medic Rules

The Americans will have the following medic rules to compensate for their inferior numbers.

During registration, every American player is given three 12” long white ropes tied with five knots tied in each. This represents his first-aid kit and should be placed in a pocket or pouch.  If an American player takes a valid hit, he immediately yells "HIT!" and raises his weapon or hands above his head.  The player "falls in place", assuming a prone position. The player may move up to five feet in any direction if needed to place his self closer to a wall or otherwise outside the flow of traffic. He is not allowed to "stagger" a longer distance back to drop amidst his teammates. If is recommended that the downed lays on his/her back with his weapon pointed in the air or held across his chest to look less like he has merely assumed a prone firing position. Players may bring red "wound" cloths or handkerchiefs to lie on their chest or wrap around their weapon.  If a Somali player touches an untreated wounded American he can demand to have his wound ropes, there by making it impossible for the player to be healed (and gives the Somali “trophy” he/she can keep.J)

Over shooting of players waiting for first aid will not be tolerated.  Anyone doing so will be eliminated.  But, if a medic or other player is using a wounded player for cover this will not apply.  If you’re out in the open and under fire think twice before call for first aid.

Until the have been given first-aid or is executed, the downed player remains where he/she lies. A downed player may be "carried" by one or more active players to a safer location for treatment. One player placing his hand on the downed soldier's shoulder represents a carry. They may move at a walk but neither player may fire. If two players put hands on a downed soldier's shoulders, this represents a two-man carry. The three players may move as fast as they can (but the hands must remain on the wounded player’s shoulders) and the carrying players may fire one-handed.

Any player may render basic first-aid, although a downed player may not render first-aid on himself.  Any American may go to a downed player, pull out player's first-aid kit and go to work. The five knots must be untied at this time and the rope is tied around the downed player's arm. He is now considered "walking wounded." He/she may now re-enter combat.  If shot a second time, while wearing the white "wounded" rope around the wrist, the player is considered killed. He calls himself out and returns to the staging area.

          The Americans can have one (1) medic for every five (5) players on their team.  Medics designated by medic armbands. A medic may provide advanced first aid on walking wounded by taking off the wound rope and tying ten (10) knots in. If a team's medic is the first one to reach a downed player, the player may be fully restored if the medic takes out the player's wound rope and ties all five (5) knots additional knots (ten (10) total).  If a medic is killed, another player may not pick up the medic armband and "become" the team medic. The team is out of luck until the medic re-enters game play from the staging area.

Each American has three med kits, so if a player is wounded (hit) a fourth time, he/she cannot be healed.  The Somalis cannot use first aid or medics.


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