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Welcome to the Recruiting Area. 

Here is a basic listing of requirements every Delta Operator must meet:


1. A fully functioning Paintball Marker.



                 Subdued Urban Camo which we dye to create a truly unique uniform for our operators.  This is a must-No exceptions.

                 Black or dark brown combat style  Boots - we do not allow tennis shoes!


3. Dues - The Initiation fee is $125, which includes the Official Team Uniform (minus the footwear) and the 1st years Dues.  After that the current dues are $50/year for Active (voting) members and $25/year for Inactive and Junior (non-voting) members.


4. Dedication – the team practices approximately once a month, primarily at Hell Survivors.  Practices are mandatory, and attendance is a primary path to advancement.  Poor attendance can lead to removal from the team.  Also staying active on our web forum is strongly encouraged as this is our primary form of organization.


5. 2 way radio w/ headset or throat mic


6. Paintball vest or Pod carry system (SIMPLY A WAY TO CARRY YOUR EXTRA PAINTBALLS)


7. A team attitude. We work as a unit not solo "COMMANDOS"


7. Honesty and integrity..  We do not condone cheating, wiping & poor attitudes



Other Items we will help provide:


Patches- Delta Ops team patch


All new Applicants will need to play with us at our home field  and/or a major scenario events as recruit status.. where then we can access your potential as an operator.


You do not need to pay the initiation fee or purchase anything until you have played with us a few times for us to access your abilities and how you fit in. 


We will let you know if and when to get your gear etc.


If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a Delta Ops Paintball Operator fill out the form below & submit it.  We will then be in touch shortly.


Delta Operator Inquiry Form




Contact us

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