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Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down
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Delta Ops Paintball Team & Exotic Sportz Presents

Black Hawk Down

The Battle of Mogadishu – October 3rd and 4th, 1993


The Date & Time: Saturday September 8th, 2007 - Extended afternoon session 3-8pm (registration starts at 2pm)

The Place: Hell Survivors Paintball Field, 619 D-19, Pinckney, MI - 734-878-5656
The Price: $20 early bird discount before (8/19/2007)

               $25 gate price - both includes FREE all day air (both HPA & CO2)

The Paint: FPO - Fireball ($60/case, discounted if you pre-register)

Game Length: 80 min., to be repeated three times

The Teams: Task Force Ranger (Americans) vs. Clan Habr Gidr (Somalis)
The Scoop: The Somalis will outnumber the Americans 2:1 to 3:1. Additionally they will continuously “hot insert”, while the US side will insert every 15 min. To balance this, the Americans will have limited tank support and medic rules, allowing them to be “healed” by a medic up to three times before they are required to return to the dead zone.
The Objectives:

     The Lost Convoy – The Americans will attempt to move from base to base (they don’t find out their next objective until they complete their last one) and either exit the field or reinforce the Alamo.

     The Alamo – the Somalis will attempt to overrun the Alamo (different for each game; Highlands Castle, Tippmann Towers, or Sin City).

     Blackhawk Super Six-Four – at some time between 20-60 min. into the game, another Blackhawk will go down somewhere on the field. The American’s goal is to rescue the downed airmen and destroy the ‘copter. The Somalis goal is to take and hold the helicopter.

The Other Cool Stuff: Grenades, mines, smoke, grenade launchers, and mortars are highly encouraged. Additionally, we will be using LAW/RPG rules, which will have the ability to destroy bunkers and soft buildings

Other Details: Task Force Ranger will be selected out of pre-registered players only!  All walk-ons will be Clan Habr Gidr.  Teams consisting of 10 or more pre-registered players will be selected from those who to fill out an application below, as well as persons interested in leading one of the side. 



Task Force Ranger Application

Black Hawk Down Leadership Application



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